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Join Gollyjeeperz and his friends as they take you on an uplanned trip to Seaweed City and
meet Gollymaids and Gollymen as well as the Golly King and Golly Queen! Gollyjeeperz never thought he had to keep such careful watch over his new Mystical Medallion. You will enjoy reading this picture book adventure to your children ages 3-7 as they learn new words, vegetables and overcoming challenges!

Gollyjeeperz knows more about asparagus growing than any Golly! And even as the best farmer in Asparagus Forest Island, sometimes he needs some help. With the big Harvest Party around the corner, will he have enough to feed all the Gollys?
Hoping to dance with his favorite Golly at the festival, he can’t wait for the fun to start. Find out all about Gollyjeeperz and his friends in his first big rhyming picture book adventure series!
The Asparagus Forest is a beautifully illustrated tale in the The Adventures of GollyJeeperz children’s book series. If you like festive vegetables, lessons in friendship, and unforgettable worlds, then you’ll love Bobbie Tallon’s fun story!
Buy The Adventures of Gollyjeeperz: The Asparagus Forest Island to fall in love with veggies today!
**Learning about friendship, counting, good grooming, finding hidden character, gardening, and celebrations!

Books now available

The Asparagus Forest childrens book
Maiden Voyage childrens book
The Asparagus Forest Island
The Maiden Voyage
Gollyjeeperz with his book
Bobbie Tallon author

Bobbie Tallon
Bobbie has been an artist since she was a child and has explored many creative outlets. As she later became a mother with two boys, she enjoyed gardening and having fresh vegetables for the table. Watching children light up seeing where vegetables grow is a treasure to see, and was her inspiration to develop “The Adventures of Gollyjeeperz.” She also enjoys being creative as a graphic artist and designer for numerous commercial and community projects.
As Bobbie continues to develop her Gollyjeeperz book series, her dream is to make it into a cartoon series too! It is her hope that your children enjoy Gollyjeeperz and his friends as they continue their adventures in many more books to come!

Bill Mihalic contributor

Bill Mihalic
Bill has always enjoyed humorous writing, and his comedic efforts really ramped up as he eased into retirement after a career in the auto industry.  His writing has covered a broad range of endeavors—from dozens of jokes used by Jay Leno in the “Tonight Show” monologues, to greeting cards, current-event jokes, song parodies, speeches, sketches, sitcoms, stand-up routines, and now children’s books. The satisfaction of creative writing, however, can’t match the joy of simply reading books with his young grandson, Maksim.

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