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Gollyjeeperz childrens book
Gollyjeeperz childrens book
Wholesome Educational & Entertainment Project:


The Adventures Gollyjeeperz is a wholesome educational and entertainment project targeted at Children's picture books, and children ages 4-7. Gollyjeeperz and his friends entertain and educate children on vegetables, nutrition, health, exercise, music, culture and how to effectively communicate and interact with other people. The storyline includes characters traveling to new places with adventure, fun, music, singing, dancing, games, contests and activities. All these activities are Coming Soon!

Books and e-books now available!

We will launch a series of educational digital e-books and videos, along with coloring/activities books based on the Gollyjeeperz storyline. The books will provide early learning of reading and math and will be distributed through teachers, librarians and online e-book purchasing

Wholesome Values that Gollyjeeperz and his friends provide examples in:

  • Trust, friendship, empathy, respect, sharing, cooperation, tolerance

  • Social interaction and communication

  • Respect, empathy, tolerance

Overcoming challenges, problem solving

  • How to work and play with others

  • Learning and discovery

  • Grooming and hygiene

Addressing Social Issues Relevant to Young Children:

The Adventures of Gollyjeeperz will educate young children of certain timely issues facing young people today. The Producers will also ally with relevant organizations around certain issues, such as the following:

  • Nutrition and Health

  • Obesity

  • Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer

  • Education and Illiteracy

  • Anti-Bullying

  • World Hunger

  • Tolerance of other cultures, ethnic groups and races

  • Diversity of cultures

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